Adult $289.00

Fares are in Australian Dollars
and are inclusive of GST

$30 APF (Australian Parachute Federation) levy payable on the day


Skydive on the beach
Mission Beach
A tandem skydive with Jump The Beach is the best way to experience all the thrills of skydiving with the comfort of having a qualified instructor with you to operate the parachute and control the descent. Before boarding the aircraft, we train you about exit procedure, body position for freefall and landing. It only takes a few minutes training in our 5 star training facility at Tully airport.

NO EXPERIENCE is necessary to do a tandem skydive, so almost anyone can give it a go! Imagine free falling from 14,000 ft (4000 m), at 200 kph, for up to 60 seconds with your professional Tandem Master. Then relax as you glide under your parachute for approximately 5 minutes, taking in the spectacular views of tropical islands, golden sand and the Great Barrier Reef on your way back down. Finally, you come back down to earth, with a soft landing on the beautiful Mission Beach.


  • Free air conditioned bus transfers to our five star skydive training facilities
  • Personalised training and instruction
  • 25 minutes of spectacular scenic views during the plane ride up to 14,000ft.
  • Utilising a purpose built skydiving plane with wide doors and spacious interior.
  • Latest modern parachutes equipped with backup automatic parachute deployment computer
  • Option to fly your parachute
  • Personalised photo certificate of your skydive

Tandem skydive itinerary:

  1. free air-conditioned bus transfer from your accommodation to our five star skydive training facility
  2. registration, and the option to purchase a DVD or photos of your skydive (handycam or solo cam)
  3. introduction to your tandem master
  4. all personalized training and instruction
  5. watching promo DVD
  6. air-conditioned bus transfer to airport
  7. flying up to 14,000 ft height
  8. jump out of the perfectly good aero plane
  9. you have 60 seconds exhilarating free fall (your freefall speed is over 200km/h)
  10. the parachute is deployed and you fly under the canopy for another 4-5 minutes with the opportunity to steer your own parachute with amazing views of the World Heritage Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef
  11. landing at our exclusive Drop zone
  12. After you land our bus will take you back to the training centre and here you will have time to take in the experience and watch your film being created.
  13. you will get a personalized photo certificate of your skydive (photo of you and your tandem master and / or your friends)
  14. If you’ve decided for the DVD you can enjoy entire experience again watching it on our flat screen TV while in the viewing area surrounded by your friends.
  15. And then is time for celebration!

Optional Extras:

  • Handycam photos - $99.00
  • Handycam DVD - $130.00
  • Handy DVD and Digital Photos - $155.00
  • Solo DVD and Photo Package - $214.00
  • Photo's Solo Camera - $149.00
  • Solo DVD - $174

Session Times:

  • 7.30am (ex Mission Beach and Cairns)
  • 1.00pm (ex Mission Beach only)

Note: Please allow half a day if coming from Mission Beach, and a full day if coming from Cairns. Skydiving is a weather dependent sport, and we are subject to delays from air traffic control, so allow yourself plenty of time in case of unforeseen delays.

What to Bring: Shoes that won't fly off, joggers are the best.


  • Min. age 14 years. 14-18 yrs requires written permission from parent or guardian.
  • Max Weight 100 kgs (220lbs)
  • 24 hrs must have elapsed since any deep water dive.